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Sex, Power, & Leadership Conference

Imagine a place where loads of interesting people give free talks about everything from consent and birth justice to fauxpowerment and sex work. Well, that place exists and it’s called Sex, Power & Leadership Online Conference.

Sex, Power & Leadership Online Conference is a week-long online speaker series featuring intimate interviews with experts from around the world talking about healing, transformative justice, matriarchy, gynecology, sexual harassment, #MeToo and self-care.

All of the talks will air, for free, on their designated day. And trust me...these talks are challenging and fascinating. I should know, I’m one of the speakers.

If you register for the conference before April 30th, you'll also get a free mini workbook emailed to you each morning during the conference with all kinds of prompts and questions that build on the talks.

You can check it out and sign-up here! And, tell your friends.#SexPower2018

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